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MP-12600 Mobile Power Charger

A high capacity portable charger that powers all your mobile devices to maximize your productivity and play time.

Stay productive and keep your most important mobile devices, like tablets, cameras, speakers and headsets fully powered, when you’re ‘out and about’, with the BlackBerry Mobile Power charger.

It's a portable charging solution for busy people who are frequently on the go, need power and don’t want to carry individual chargers.

• 12600mAh battery
• 2 x USB charging ports (1 x 1 Amp & 1 x 2 Amp) for powering your devices
• 1 x microUSB port for charging your BlackBerry Mobile Power Charger

Compatible with a DTEK60 when used with a USB Type A to USB Type C cable (cable is not included in the power charger box)


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